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 shielding hq – emi shielded honeycomb air vents and materials
Shielding applications use high performance gasket, honeycomb air vents, waveguides, and power line filters to meet demanding challenges. No materials company consistently met our needs. We started manufacturing RF/EMI materials for ourselves.

 emi honeycomb shielding vents and filters
China Eusta Technology Co., Ltd has produced EMI shielding vent, metal honeycomb flow straightener, metal honeycomb seal and honeycomb core for many years, which widely used in Aerospace, Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, EMC/EMI, Oil & Gas Chemical, Aerodynamic Flow Field Test, Wind Tunnel and other fields.

 application and design guide to emi shielding honeycomb vents
honeycomb or an assembly incorporating the honeycomb with other value-added features such as framing, plating, gasketing, filters, etc. These vents are typically incorporated into enclosures where EMI radiation or susceptibility is a concern, as well as where heat dissipation Application Design Assistance 2 What is an EMI Shielding Honeycomb Vent?

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 shielded honeycomb air vent, shielding ... - soliani emc
Honeycomb filters are utilised to obtain effective electromagnetic shielding while assuring, at the same time, excellent airflow. The filters may be provided in various materials, with or without EMI/EMC frame and gaskets (and environmental sealing), ready for installation.

 honeycomb waveguide - shielding resources group, inc.
Honeycomb Vent Waveguide Material: SRG manufactures honeycomb waveguide which offers protection up to 40GHz. This product is offered in steel, brass and stainless steel. It is supplied with a 50/50 (lead/tin) coating or lead free, “Euro-Vent”, which is 95/5 (tin/antimony) coated.

 emi shielding products - emi sielding - honeycomb aluminum ...
East Coast Shielding honeycomb vents can be installed in applications requiring shielding on either the inlet or outlet air flows. AVAILABLE CONFIGURATIONS: All Seals honeycomb vents are typically constructed of 0.500"(12.70) thickness, 90 degree aluminum honeycomb, with a 0.125"(3.18) cell size.

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