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 conductive gaskets | emi seals & gaskets ltd - leading uk manufacturer
Our Conductive Gaskets. Although we are best known for our conductive elastomeric gaskets, we also manufacture in a lot of other conductive materials to allow our customers to single source all their conductive sealing requirements from one reliable source. Below is a simple list of some of the usual conductive materials we manufacture with ...

 conductive gasket - an overview | sciencedirect topics
environmental performance: conductive elastomers will offer combined electrical and environmental protection, but may be affected by moisture, fungus, weathering or heat. If you choose to use separate environmental and conductive gaskets, the conductive gasket should be placed inside the environmental seal, and also inside screw mounting holes.

 conductive gaskets | mcmaster-carr
Conductive Plastic Trim. With a surface resistivity of 105 ohms/sq, this trim safeguards equipment from static electricity by diverting electrostatic charges quickly. Made of plastic, it's also chemical resistant. Use it to protect the edges of electronics equipment and circuit boards from impact.

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 conductive foam gaskets | tech etch
When you need gaskets with low compression force and excellent conductivity, look to Tech Etch and our 2700 series. These conductive foam gaskets consist of open-cell polyurethane foam with a nick-over-copper-plated polyester foam on either side. Woven on one side and non-woven on the other, our 2700 series gaskets. Provide 94 V-rating and RoHS

 conductive gaskets - temas
emi shielding gaskets / conductive gaskets - vanguard products Vanguard Products Corporation is a global supplier of various EMI/RFI shielding gaskets and conductive gaskets. These products can be customized based on the needs of our customers, with numerous material options and sizes ranging from 0.010’’ to 3’’ in cross-section.

 electrically conductive elastomer gaskets | italia
Parker Chomerics electrically conductive elastomer gaskets are the superior choice for corrosion resistance, environmental sealing, and cost-effective EMI shielding. Available as molded sheets or parts, allowing for greater part complexity and detail but sometimes at a higher cost; or extruded into strips and either offered as cord stock at length or spliced (fused) to form a continuous seal.

 conductive gaskets for navsea and marine applications
A conductive gasket consisting of polyurethane and an aluminum carrier for corrosion prevention and the minimization of EMI in naval and marine applications. The innovative Av‐DEC line of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) conductive gaskets provides excellent and reliable sealing solutions for attachment flanges on naval ships.

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