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 heavy metal knitting - world championship - 8th of july - joensuu, finland
Heavy Metal Knitting, World Championship 2022, 8th of July, 5pm (UTC+3), Joensuu Market Square, Finland, Watch the live stream here! Winner of 2019, Giga Body Metal, Japan, Do you want to become the next, Heavy Metal Knitting World Champion? Winner of 2021, Resurrection Of The Knitting Witch, The Netherlands, Do you want to become the next,

 the heavy metal knitting world championship is as bonkers as you'd ...
In case you weren’t aware, Heavy Metal Knitting is ‘a thing’. So much so in fact, that there is a Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship, and the 2022 edition took place last week in Joensuu, Finland. It was the third edition of the competition. The first took place in 2019, and the second took place virtually in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 uk team win the heavy metal knitting world championships in ... - euronews
This year’s Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship was the third ever, and the second in-person event, with the first taking place virtually. The artform brings together handicrafts and heavy...

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 press - heavy metal knitting
Heavy Metal Knitting is about combining handicrafts and heavy metal music in an unique way. For the Heavy Knitting Online World Championships the competitors sent their competition videos during the qualification round. 10 best acts rated by the qualification round jury were competing for the title at the final event.

 apply - heavy metal knitting
The first ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship was held in summer 2019 in Joensuu, Finland. The 2020 championship was postponed due to global pandemic and in summer 2021 the competition was held 100% online. In 2022 the event is finally to be held live again!

 rules - heavy metal knitting
All individuals aged 18 or older can enter the competition (Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships) by sending the application form on the application page on 15th of May 2022 by latest. The application must include a 1 minute long video, which includes knitting to heavy metal music of pre-selected song.

 heavy metal knitting world championships 2022 #hmk2022
What is the end result of combining heavy metal music with knitting? What kind of performances will there be when you hold a World Championship of this combi...

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