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 electric field-driven microscale 3d printing of flexible thin-walled ...
Thin-walled tubular mesh structures are the basic form of tubular scaffolds, such as vascular and nerve conduit stents, in tissue engineering. A novel electric field-driven microscale three-dimensional printing (EFD μ-3D printing) was proposed for manufacturing these structures of molten polymers with high resolution.

 blood tubular filters transfusion | gvs
Mesh and Tubular filters manufactured by GVS are especially dedicated to the transfusion market but they can easily meet the requirements of many other different applications. Most important are: - blood filters for transfusion drip chambers; - blood filters for hemodialysis drip chambers;

 coronary artery stents: identification and evaluation
In contrast, tubular mesh stents consist of wires wound together in a meshwork, forming a tube. Finally, slotted tube stents are made from tubes of metal from which a stent design is laser cut. Any number of stent designs can be created within a coil, tubular mesh, or slotted tube framework.

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 mesh implants: an overview of crucial mesh parameters - pmc
The most important mesh parameters in the selection of a mesh implant are the raw material, structural parameters and mechanical parameters, which should match the physiological conditions. The structural parameters, especially the porosity, are the most important predictors of the biocompatibility performance of synthetic meshes.

 coronary artery stents - american dental association
(tubular mesh, slotted tubes, coils).12,14 The majority of stents approved by the FDA and presently undergoing FDA eval-uation are balloon-expandable.14 These stents are mounted on an angioplasty balloon catheter and delivered either with or without a protective sheath.2 There are two major groups of balloon-expandable stents:

 mechanical properties of coronary stents determined by using finite ...
The mechanical function of a stent deployed in a damaged artery is to provide, over the long-term, a smooth, metallic tubular mesh structure that fits any existing arterial curvature and that efficiently opposes compressive arterial forces ( Sigwart, 1997 ).

 customizable tubular model for n-furcating blood vessels and its ...
In particular, for vessel segmentation immune to local intensity fluctuations, we use a voxel-based approach based on the assumptions made by Nowinski et al. that is combined with a number of novel solutions for (1) customized skeleton tracing and optimization, (2) optimized generation of tubular segments of vessels, (3) removal of collisions and self-collisions in the mesh of generated ...

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