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 copper clad steel gaskets - temas
Copper clad stainless steel (CCSS), in the 300 series as core, may be specified for certain medical applications. copper gaskets | mcmaster-carr Made of 110 copper, these gaskets handle steam applications up to 600° F.

 gaskets | nichias europe
PTFE/Expanded grahite clad: By customer request : 1891-NM: ... Our Metal gaskets have been developed for high-temperature/pressure applications where soft gaskets cannot be used or for applications requiring extreme sealing performance. Gaskets made from mild steel, pure iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, special alloys, ...

 metal seals - parker hannifin corporation
Common Brasses 500°Copper 600°Aluminum 800°Stainless Steel, Type 3041000°Stainless Steel, Type 3161000°Soft Iron, Low Carbon Steel 1000°Titanium1000°Stainless Steel, Type 501150°Stalnless Steel, Type 4101200°Silver1200°Nickel 1400°Stainless Steel, Type 4301400°Monel 1500°Stainless Steel, Type 309 SCb1600°Stainless Steel, Type 3211600°Stainless S...

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 copper gaskets | mcmaster-carr
180 Products High-Temperature Steam-Resistant Metallic Pipe Gaskets High-Temperature Steam-Resistant Metallic Pipe Gaskets Made of 110 copper, these gaskets handle steam applications up to 600° F. They are electrically conductive and resist water, Freon, and fuel oil. EMI/RFI-Shielding Gaskets EMI/RFI-Shielding Gaskets

 emi gaskets - emi shielding - emc gaskets - rfi shielding gaskets ...
Temas is outstanding in giving technical assistance, designing and manufacturing conductive gaskets for electromagnetic shielding. Our shielding solutions are primary components for the correct operation in full compliance under law requirements for electric, electronic and telecommunications field, for civil and military uses...

 jacketed metal gaskets | garlock
Style 624 Single-Jacketed Overlap Gaskets. STYLE-624. Compare. 0 lbs. Style 624. Inventory Not Available. Add to List. Style 626 Double-Jacketed Corrugated Gaskets.

 8403-01xx-44 tin plated copper clad steel emi shielding gasket | laird
Read the technical specification of 8403-01XX-44 Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel EMI Shielding Gasket at Laird Performance Materials. Visit the website now. 8403-01XX-44 Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel EMI Shielding Gasket | Laird

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