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 copper clad steel gaskets - temas
monel gaskets - tinned copper clad steel gaskets... Layers of all metal gaskets are formed into four cross-sectional profiles (round, rectangular, round with tail and double round with tail) and into a range of sizes to suite a large number of applications.

 copper clad exhaust gasket - v-twin mfg
Copper clad exhaust gaskets for Shovelheads are made of heat resistant material sandwiched between two sheets of copper for ultimate sealing.

 copper clad gaskets - gasket & sheet jointing
AVAILABLE AS HEAD GASKETS AND EXHAUST GASKETS. We specialise in having made any traditional Copper Clad Cylinder Head and Flange Joints. We are currently compiling a list of those Gaskets where we have a suitable pattern template.

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 metal compressed gaskets - knitmesh technologies
KnitMesh Technologies produces all metal compressed wire mesh gaskets in a wide range of materials. These include: Monel, Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel (SN-FE-CU), Tinned Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silver-Clad Copper, Aluminium and Copper. Other materials, such as Nickel-Plated Copper and Phosphor Bronze, are available to special order.

 metalclad jacketed gasket | specialist sealing products
The Metal Jacketed (Clad) Gasket comprises a metallic outer shell which encapsulates a soft compressible filler material. This soft filler material provides the gasket with compressibility and resilience while the metal jacket resists pressures, temperatures and corrosion, whilst providing good gasket stability and blow-out resistance.

 meshs | feuerherdt
The wire material can be chosen from monel, tinned copper clad steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, tinned copper, aluminium. Ultra-light gaskets One layer of a fine monel wire is knitted over a very low density urethane foam and provides an excellent combination of EMI shielding performance and mechanical properties.

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