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 emi gaskets - emi shielding - emc gaskets - rfi shielding gaskets ...
Temas Engineering is outstanding in giving technical assistance, designing and manufacturing conductive gaskets for electromagnetic shielding. Our shielding solutions are primary components for the correct operation in full compliance under law requirements for electric, electronic and telecommunications field, for civil and military uses...

 metal mesh emi gasketing - parker hannifin corporation
**Ferrex is Chomerics’ tradename for tin-plated, copper-clad steel wire per ASTM B-520, ASTM (QQ-W-343) tin-plated, 2-3% by weight; ASTM B-227 copper-cladding 30-40% by weight; SAE 1010 steel wire, balance by weight. Table 2 - Typical Shielding Effectiveness Materials H-FIELD 100 kHz E-FIELD 10 MHz PLANE WAVE 1 GHz 10GHz dB dB dB dB

 metal emi gaskets mesh strip all metal gaskets
Standard MESH STRIP gaskets are knitted from either monel (a nickel-copper alloy) or Ferrex* (tin-plated, copper-clad steel) wire. Chomerics also provides SPRINGMESH gaskets, special all-metal spring wire knitted mesh strips in a hollow tube shape with compres-sion-deflection characteristics of 70-80%. Other metals and alloys (such

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 wire & expanded metal gasket technology - parker hannifin corporation
metal content, these gaskets typically provide 60 to 100 dB of attenuation in the 20 MHz to 20 GHz range. Wire & Expanded Metal ... ** Ferrex is Parker Chomerics tradename for tin-plated, copper-clad steel wire per ASTM B-520, ASTM (QQ-W-343) tin-plated, 2-3% by weight; ASTM B-227

 shielding gaskets - jolex
Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide an excellent cost effective EMI gasket, providing shielding in the magnetic as well as electric fields. Availiable in four wire types, monel, stainless steel, aluminium and tin plated copper clad steel. Knitted mesh gaskets can be supplied as solid mesh or knitted over elastomeric cores with or without ...

 electronit™ elastomer core emi gasketing - laird performance materials
8409-01XX-54. "Rectangular with sponge elastomer, Monel and neoprene sponge EMI Shielding Gasket". 8409-01XX-55. "Rectangular with sponge elastomer, Monel and Silicone sponge EMI Shielding Gasket". 8409-01XX-60. "Rectangular with sponge elastomer, Tin plated copper clad steel and neoprene sponge EMI Shielding Gasket". 8409-01XX-61.

 copper-clad steel - wikipedia
Copper-clad steel ( CCS ), also known as copper-covered steel or the trademarked name Copperweld is a bi-metallic product, mainly used in the wire industry that combines the high mechanical strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper . It is mainly used for grounding purposes, line tracing to locate underground ...

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