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 knitmesh technologies | knitted wire mesh
Welcome to KnitMesh Technologies, the leading manufacturer and supplier of precision-engineered knitted wire mesh. With over 65 years of experience, KnitMesh Technologies is renowned for delivering innovative solutions to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and energy. Discover Knitted Mesh Contact Us.

 knitted mesh - ltm
We produce knitted mesh, both in round and flattened wire, common or crimped, from carbon to galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Knitted mesh has countless applications, either when used for the production of a filter in knitted mesh only, or assembled to wire cloth or expanded metal (like bump stops, anti-vibration and sound attenuation components, pressed discs).

 knitted mesh - knitwire products
Knitted mesh is manufactured by forming interlocking looped ‘stitch’ patterns using a range of wire, plastic or fibreous materials. The mesh is manufactured in a tube formation, and from here can either be slit open to one layer at double the width, can be incorporated into another material or can be compressed to form a compressed component.

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 automotive | knitmesh
Automotive. Over the past 60 years, KnitMesh have developed an enviable reputation for bespoke Knitted Wire Mesh components that meet the exacting needs of the automotive sector. The product range includes: heatshield decouplers, airbag filters and actuators, catalytic converter and exhaust system gaskets, seals, wraps and muffler packing; and ...

 knitmesh™ wire mesh mist eliminators | sulzer
Sulzer KnitMesh™ wire mesh mist eliminators are produced as a bed of knitted mesh that presents a tortuous path and large surface area to the droplets entrained in the gas stream. Separation is achieved by impingement on, and capture by, the filaments of the mesh where the droplets coalesce and drain. Standard designs are available for ...

 aerospace | knitmesh
Scroll Down. KnitMesh Technologies offers all-metal resilient cores used in the aerospace industry primarily as sealing gaskets – where high resilience is required – and in various high temperature applications. Commercial, military and general aviation aircraft all use wire mesh in their critical systems. For example, our all-metal knitted ...

 knitted wire mesh - te connectivity
Solid knitted mesh products provide an excellent radio frequency interference (RFI)/electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield between two metallic surfaces. A range of wire types is available to allow for good galvanic compatibility thereby reducing or limiting the possibility of corrosion. Kemtron’s knitted wire mesh is available in 2 options.

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