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 knitted mesh - traduzione in italiano – dizionario linguee
An elegant, highquality knitted mesh provides vertical cable guidance, and can be fixed to the table top or the cable dump. Il passaggio verticale dei cavi è eseguito tramite una vertebra in tessuto di alta qualità che può essere montata al piano del tavolo o alla canalina cavi.

 knitted wire mesh filter for demister pad
Knitted wire mesh is made by knitting machine similar to jumpers and scarves machine. The final knitted mesh is in the structure of inter-connecting loops, and it similar to a long knit sock. We can produce multi-filament, co-knit and multi-strand knitted wire meshes. Our knit wire diameter is commonly range from 0.11mm to 0.35mm.

 knitmesh technologies - search
Knitted mesh is produced from various metals or mineral and synthetic materials processed into a structure of interlocking loops. KnitMesh Technologies is a leading UK manufacturer of knitted mesh products designed and developed for a wide range of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, telecoms and the military.

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 » knitted mesh - knitmesh technologies
Knitted mesh can also be produced in plastic and other fibres - the most commonly used being polypropylene, Hostaflon, Teflon®, glass wool and silica yarn. The figures given for the number of stitches per cm are only approximate, as many variables can significantly affect the stitch size.

 knitted mesh - temas
knitted mesh fabric - copper and stainless steel mesh Knitted mesh fabric is normally knitted from round or flat wires ranging from various diameters. The round wire knitted mesh fabric is the most widely used type and the flat wire knitted mesh fabric can be used in the special applications according to customers' requirements.

 knitted mesh fabric - copper and stainless steel mesh
Knitted wire fabric is a wire fabric, which is made by a circular knitted machine. The various knitted material wires are knitted into a sleeve of continuous stocking of inter-linked wire loops. The knitted mesh fabric has various materials, the main materials can be galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, nickel wire, monel wire and other alloy wires.

 knitted wire mesh manufacturer & supplier from china - hightop
Knitted Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier. HIGHTOP is a professional knitted wire mesh manufacturer and supplier from China. Knitted mesh is a sleeve structure of interlocking loops made by circular knitting machines similar to jumper and scarf machines. Mesh materials can be stainless steel, copper, aluminum, Monel, nickel and other alloys.

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