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 fabric-over-foam (fof) gaskets | laird performance materials
Fabric-wrapped foam and additional square-shaped gaskets come in multiple sizes. Sculpted Foam Gaskets UL94 V0 rated with superior compression and offering soft compression. Round Shaped Gaskets Performance-proven round gaskets are available with 2.54mm height and 63.5mm width. RJ-11 Connector

 metalized fabric gaskets | tech etch
D-Connector Metalized Fabric Gaskets If you don’t need a custom gasket, Tech-Etch can provide you with a standard D-connector gasket. These gaskets shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors. We offer 5 standard sizes and 4 different thicknesses for each size. Our gaskets are made of metal or conductive elastomers.

 fabric reinforced gaskets i canada rubber group
Fabric reinforced gaskets (sometimes called cloth inserted gaskets) can provide additional mechanical stability and reduced creep/relaxation in sealing applications involving flanged joints and high compressive loads. These gaskets can service applications with low pressures, hot and/or cold water, saturated steam and low pressure steam.

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 fabric shielding gaskets | emi shielding | osco
Fabric Shielding Gaskets Shielding gaskets are connectors of two opposing metallic planes which make them appear as one continuous surface, by connecting across the openings. Depending on the frequencies involved, the openings must be reduced as closely as possible to a continuous seal. Enclosure Shielding in Stock Board Level Shielding in Stock

 fabric-/foil over foam gaskets | mtc
As a specialized supplier of shielding materials, we offer a wide range of fabric and aluminum gaskets in various designs for EMC shielding. The gaskets are available in different profile shape s as well as with different coatings. In addition to the standard dimensions, we also offer our aluminum and fabric gaskets in individual dimensions.

 conductive fabric gaskets – ssd polymers
SSDP Conductive Fabric Gaskets consist of metalized fabric over elastomer core and they provide cost effective solution for EMI Shielding. These gaskets are highly flexible and require low closure force, minimum compression set. Application SSDP Conductive Fabric Gaskets can be used in applications where there are weight and space constraints.

 fabric gaskets | mcmaster-carr
Fabric Gaskets | McMaster-Carr BROWSE CATALOG Abrading & Polishing Building & Grounds Electrical & Lighting Fabricating Fastening & Joining Filtering Flow & Level Control Furniture & Storage Hand Tools Hardware Heating & Cooling Lubricating Material Handling Measuring & Inspecting Office Supplies & Signs Pipe, Tubing, Hose & Fittings

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