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 knitted wire mesh - knit methods and application
Knitted wire mesh is widely used as liquid-gas filtration materials in various fields of industries. Compressed knitted mesh is commonly used as filtering materials in the industries. It can be used as engine breathers in the vehicles. Knitted wire mesh can be used as shielding mesh in the electronics and other fields.

 knitted wire mesh (various diameters) - acs industries, inc.
Dimensions: The standard knit of our insulation mesh at 8 stitches per inch of width and 6-8 courses per inch of length. Additionally, we also offer our knitted wire mesh in the following dimensions. Diameters 0.006″ 0.008″ 0.0095″ 0.011″ Widths 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 18″ 24″ 30″ 36″ 38″ 42″

 knitted wire mesh demister pad for mist elimination
We supply knitted mesh into various forms: knitted wire mesh rolls, tubes and tapes, mseh blankets, pad demisters, mist eliminators, compressed gaskets, breathers, shieldings, washers, wire gauze filter element, mufflers and other filter elements.

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 knitted wire mesh manufacturer & supplier from china - hightop
HIGHTOP is a professional knitted wire mesh manufacturer and supplier from China. Knitted mesh is a sleeve structure of interlocking loops made by circular knitting machines similar to jumper and scarf machines. Mesh materials can be stainless steel, copper, aluminum, Monel, nickel and other alloys.

 knitted wire meshes - rhodius safety and environmental solutions
Rhodius knitted wire meshes are made of the following materials: All common steels and stainless steels Aluminium Special alloys (e.g. Monel, Inconel, …) Titanium Copper Various plastics (e.g. PP, PVDC, ETFE, PFA, PTFE, …) Fiber materials (e.g. glass fiber or carbon fiber) Precious metal (e.g. gold und silver) Nickel

 knitted wire mesh tapes
The knitted wire mesh tapes are highly flexible and elastic and can fit irregular or complex surfaces. Due to its excellent shielding properties, it is widely used in EMI/RFI shielding of power, data and communication cables and grounding continuity of cable joints. It can also be used for electrostatic discharge (ESD).

 knitted wire mesh - p & p technology
Knitted wire meshes are produced from a single continuous filament and produce very high levels of EMI shielding performance when evenly compressed between two metallic contact surfaces. Our knitted wire EMI shielding meshes are available in four basic wire types – Monel, Aluminium, TCS (Tinned Copper-clad Steel) and Stainless Steel.

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