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The thermal and electrical properties of graphite materials have a very significant heterogeneity. Through special preparation, the sheet structure can achieve thermal conductivity up to 1800W/MK in the XY plane, and the vertical thermal conductivity to 20-30W/MK on Z-axis, which is 4-6 times as much as common copper aluminum foil.

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100um graphite sheet Product Description Features of synthetic graphite sheet: Excellent thermal conductivity : up to 1950 W/m•K (2 to 5 times as high as copper, 3 to 8 time as high as aluminum) Lightweight: Specific gravity : 1.9 to 2.1 g/cm3 Flexible and easy to be cut. (withstands repeated bending) Low thermal resistance

 thermally conductive graphite - thermal interface material | hpms graphite
Thermally Conductive Graphite is an excellent thermal management solution for LED, LCD, or OLED displays. Due to how light and thin the thermally conductive material is, it is a perfect choice for TVs, as the trend is towards flatter and thinner devices. Typical Properties of HPMS Thermally Conductive Graphite

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 thermal properties of graphite- thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity (K) is the time rate of transfer of heat by conduction. In graphite, it occurs essentially by lattice vibration and is represented by the following relationship: Eq (1) K=bCpvL Where b= a constant C= specific heat per unit volume of the crystal v= speed of heat-transporting acoustic wave

 introduction of natural graphite sheet
Feature Of Natural Graphite Excellent thermal conductivity : up to 500W/m·K Lightweight: Specific gravity : 0.87 to 1.6 g/cm3 (30% lighter than aluminum, 80% lighter than copper in the same size) Low thermal resistance, 40% lower than aluminum, 20% lower than copper Low heat resistance with flexible Graphite sheet

 graphite sheet | thermal management
Thermal Management provides flexible graphite sheeting made using flake graphite with high content of graphite. These sheets offer excellent chemical thermal and mechanical resistance to be used in chemicals and gas systems. The gaskets consist of graphite after being processed with chemicals. Features

 energikey thermal graphic sheet material management company
Thermal conductive graphite sheet is made of artificial graphite, has characteristics of high-thermal conductivity. Easy for operation, flexible, compressible, wide operation temperature -40~400℃, can be overlapped, also can be electrical insulated or conductive.

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