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 graphite - wikipedia
Tools Graphite ( / ˈɡræfaɪt /) is a crystalline form of the element carbon. It consists of stacked layers of graphene. Graphite occurs naturally and is the most stable form of carbon under standard conditions. Synthetic and natural graphite are consumed on large scale (300 kton/year, in 1989) for uses in pencils, lubricants, and electrodes.

 material properties and structure of natural graphite sheet
Natural graphite sheet (NGS) is a compressible, porous, electrically and thermally conductive material that has been used primarily to make sealing gaskets because of its ability to conform to...

 thermal graphite sheets - mouser electronics
Thermal resistance property PGS Graphite Sheet Thermal resistance represents the degree of non-conductivity of the heat. Materials with lower thermal resistance are a more efficient conductor of heat (Thermal resistance depends on hardness of, and surface condition of material as well as heat conductivity.) Pressure(kg/cm2) Competitor’s Graphite

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 pgs thermal graphite sheets - panasonic | mouser
With excellent thermal conductivity (2 to 4 times higher than copper), Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets are flexible (withstands repeated bending), can be cut into customizable shapes, and are available in three thicknesses: 0.10mm, 0.07mm, and 0.025mm. Recommended applications are cellular phones, DVC, DSC, PC and peripherals, pickup ...

 graphite sheet,graphite film,graphite foil,graphite paper,pyrolytic ...
Synthetic graphite sheet, also known as artificial graphite sheet, is a new type of thermal interface material made of polyimide. It adopts advanced carbonization, graphitization and calendering process to produce a thermally conductive film with unique lattice orientation through high-temperature sintering at 3000 °C.

 thermally conductive graphite - thermal interface material | hpms graphite
HPMS Thermally Conductive Graphite offers thermal conductivity up to 1800 W/m-K and are very thin, which allows for easy attachment to a variety of heat sink or component surfaces. The high thermal conductivity graphite can easily be used for thermal management in electronics (adhesives available for easier applying) or other space-limiting areas.

 graphite (c) - classifications, properties & applications
Natural graphite is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, stable over a broad range of temperatures, and a highly refractory material with a high melting point of 3650 °C. There are three types of natural graphite: High crystalline Amorphous Flake Crystalline Graphite

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