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 conductive silicone materials | thermally and electrically conductive ...
Conductive materials With a heritage that spans more than 40 years, NuSil ® conductive materials from Avantor ® have been critical to the success of the most demanding applications.

 electrically conductive materials | dow inc.
Electrically conductive silicone composites and EMI shielding materials are based on highly tunable silicone technology that conducts electricity while blocking electromagnetic interference in applications that require high density packaging and/or high rates of data transfer.

 electrically conductive adhesives - henkel adhesives
Our electrically conductive silicone adhesives are specially designed for applications where both high flexibility and excellent conductivity are required. It’s also recommended for use in mounting small components to a variety of interconnect substrates. Henkel offers electrically conductive adhesives which offer more mechanical flexibility.

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 conductive silicone | majr products
Conductive Silicone, also known as Conductive Elastomer (5000 series) is a molded silicone elastomer filled with conductive inert particles. It provides high electrical conductivity, broadband shielding and moisture sealing. This material is designed to provide reliable and cost-effective shielding for a wide range of EMI applications.

 cho-bond 1030 one component flexible electrically conductive silicone ...
Proposta di valore per il cliente: CHO-BOND 1030 è un silicone conduttivo monocomponente caricato con rame placcato in argento progettato per applicazioni in cui è necessario ottenere un legame elettroconduttivo resistente e flessibile. CHO-BOND 1030 semplifica in modo significativo il problema dell'incollaggio delle guarnizioni EMI in silicone conduttivo su substrati in metallo.

 r-2634 | electrically conductive rtv silicone | avantor - vwr
Description Two-part, electrically conductive RTV Silicone Designed for enhanced performance in extreme low and high temperatures 100:0.5 Mix Ratio (Base:Curing Agent) Applications For RFI and EMI shielding for electrical and aerospace applications Excellent for formed-in-place conductive gaskets and grounding connections

 conductive silicone elastomers electrodes processable by screen ...
Screen printing of the electrode for actuators. The composite used as electrode for actuators was printed on an Elastosil film 50 μm thick. For this a solution of GNPs/CB 300/150 (18 wt.%) PDMS ...

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