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 conductive silicone materials | thermally and electrically conductive ...
Thermally conductive silicones: Our products safely transfer heat without adding stress to the systems and can also be formulated to be electrically insulating. Unlike thermal pads, NuSil thermally conductive silicone adhesives and encapsulants can be applied with thin bond lines for lower thermal resistance.

 thermally & electrically conductive silicone adhesives
SS-24 EMI/RFI Conductive Adhesive - CHO-1016 Offset. SS-24 is a moisture curing, electrically conductive silicone RTV adhesive sealant. SS-24 is a 1-part silicone, that when applied to the substrate, allows handling of the assembly within an hour. SS-24 conductive sealants work well in manual and automatic dispensing equipment.

 conductive silicone sheets - the rubber company
Product Description. Our electrically conductive silicone sheets offer protection in a wide variety of applications. You can use this product as either a low amperage conductor or as protection against electrostatic discharge. This product is available in a width of 915mm, with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 3.2mm.

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 electrically conductive silicone sealants & adhesives
An electrically conductive, moisture curing silicone Formulated as a 1-part silicone that when applied to the substrate is a flexible adhesive and allows handling of the assembly after 1 hour. When cured, the flexible silicone adhesive elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures. Starting at: $83.33.

 electrically conductive adhesives - henkel adhesives
Our electrically conductive silicone adhesives are specially designed for applications where both high flexibility and excellent conductivity are required. It’s also recommended for use in mounting small components to a variety of interconnect substrates. Henkel offers electrically conductive adhesives which offer more mechanical flexibility.

 sigillante elettroconduttivo monocomponente in silicone cho-bond 1038 ...
Descrizione del prodotto completa. CHO-BOND 1038 è un silicone conduttivo monocomponente caricato con rame placcato argento. Progettato per l'utilizzo come raccordo concavo, gap-filler e sigillante per linee di giunzione su alloggiamenti elettrici per schermatura da EMI o messa a terra elettrica. La linea di legame minima consigliata per ...

 pad thermal 1mm
(20 x 67 x 1 mm), Double-sided Heat Insulation Silicone Pad, Soft Material As tested on 3M™ Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H Duration (hrs) Initial 1000 2000 Thermal conductivity (W/m-K) 3 Thermal insulation • Due to the closed -cell nature of IXPE, it is an excellent insulator and, in fact, is used primarily for its insulation properties in many other industries 1mm | Two ...

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