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 conductive silicone materials | thermally and electrically ...
Thermally conductive silicones: Our products safely transfer heat without adding stress to the systems and can also be formulated to be electrically insulating. Unlike thermal pads, NuSil thermally conductive silicone adhesives and encapsulants can be applied with thin bond lines for lower thermal resistance.

 conductive silicone | standard or custom grades from the uk
Conductive Silicone Using specific fillers, Primasil have developed a range of compounds with a volume resistivity as low as 003 ohmcm-1. Dependant on grade, these materials can be moulded, extruded, or calendered.

 what is conductive silicone? - wisegeek
Conductive silicone is a material that is used to attach electrical components to a substrate. It is able to conduct heat well, which makes it a good material for use as a heat sink. Attaching electronic components with silicone has many advantages over traditional lead solder . This material is a combination of organic and inorganic polymers.

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 thermally & electrically conductive silicone adhesives
SS-26 is a silver electrically conductive, moisture curing silicone RTV adhesive. SS-26 is a 1-part silicone that when applied to the substrate allows handling of the assembly within an hour. When cured, the electrically conductive silicone elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperatures.

 conductive silicone rubber data sheet - tdi international
The conductive silicone rubber vacuum cups have excellent characteristics for use in high temperature applications. The electrical conductivity properties provide a low resistance path for sensitive ESD applications. Limitations are that it is not resistant to strong alkalis and is attacked by halogenated solvents. Elongation (Max. %)

 electrically conductive silicone is ready for medical devices
Electrically Conductive Silicone in Medical Devices. Description. Silicone rubber has many physical properties which make it an attractive material for medical applications: excellent biocompatibility, flexibility, high chemical resistance, stability over a wide temperature range, and ease of manufacturing. Author. ProMed Molding. Publisher Name.

 emi conductive silicone compounds elastomers - specialty ...
Specialty Silicone Products Inc. (SSP) supplies electrically-conductive silicone elastomers that provide shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Many of the particle-filled silicones that SSP has developed meet the MIL-DTL-83528C specification for military applications.

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