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 mesh elastomer -
wire mesh over elastomer gaskets - soliani emc Metal elastomer gaskets obtained with the cladding of layers in concentric metallic mesh around an elastomer material that accomplishes the function of elastic recovery after compression. Various sections are available and dimensions upon client request.

 guarnizioni emi con anima in elastomero mesh strip | italia
Guarnizioni in maglia di rete metallica su anima in elastomero MESH STRIP: strisce ad alta conduttività, resilienza e convenienza, per schermare da interferenze elettromagnetiche (EMI) e da impulso elettromagnetico (EMP) e messa a terra elettrica.

 mesh strip with elastomer core emi gasketing | italy
Parker Chomerics MESH STRIP® with elastomer core incorporates an elastomer material encapsulated in a knit wire mesh to improve on compression set characteristics ...

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 mesh and elastomer combinations |sas sealtron materials
Typical applications for wire mesh and elastomer combinations are enclosure gaskets which require both an environmental seal and EMI shielding. Additionally, for applications which require both low closure force with high deflection where sponge elastomers are used it is recommended to add compression stops to the gasket as shown in the last diagram of this section to prevent over compression.

 medical wire mesh/elastomer combinations - fralock
Our wire mesh/elastomer combinations composite materials are produced by vulcanizing shielding mesh, normally SnCuFe (tin-plated, copper-clad, steel wire) or Monel, with an elastomer, either silicone or Neoprene. This creates a reliable low-cost shielding gasket, with environmental sealing properties.

 elastomer core mesh gasketing | laird performance materials
Elastomer Core Mesh is an optimum solution for combining excellent shielding performance with a high degree of elasticity.

 guarnizioni metalliche emi mesh strip® con core in ...
Le guarnizioni standard MESH Strip® con anima in elastomero sono costituite da due strati di rete metallica a maglia tessuta intorno ad un nucleo rettangolare o rotondo in neoprene o silicone. La rete metallica a maglia fornisce la conducibilità elettrica per garantire la schermatura EMI / EMP, mentre il nucleo fornisce un'eccellente comprimibilità con un alto grado di resilienza.

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