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 browse wide range of emi connector gaskets | te connectivity
TE is Offering a wide range of standard MIL connector gaskets. Different materials are available to meet the demands of EMI shielding, environmental sealing, ... Connector Gasket Feature Products. Conn G SNG 5015 Shell 8. Conn G SNG 5015 Shell 10. Conn G SNG 5015 Shell 12. Conn G SNG 5015 Shell 14. Conn G SNG 5015 Shell 16.

 connector gaskets, mil-dtl-83528/4 emi gaskets - stockwell elastomerics
Fuel Resistant Connector Gasket. For applications requiring fuel resistance, Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures fluorosiliconeconnector gaskets. Fluorosilicone gaskets are molded or waterjet cut to customer specification. Solid fluorosilicone sheets and molded parts range from 40 – 70 durometer on the Shore A hardness scale.

 emi / rfi connector gaskets | connector gasket
If you need additional information about our gasket products please let us know, and a MAJR Products representative will get back to you shortly. Feel free to call us toll-free at 814-763-3211. Connector Gaskets is a branch of MAJR Products and is the best place to shop for EMI / RFI connector gaskets. Shop our inventory today.

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 std mil-dtl-38999 series conn gasket - te connectivity
Connector Gasket for RFI/EMI Shielding meeting MIL-DTL-38999 Series I,II and IV standard sizes providing low contact resistance between connector and enclosure . Available in Silicone or fluorosilicone nickel graphite, and silicone or fluorosilicone silver aluminum. TE Connectivity (TE) or Chat.

 emi connector gaskets | majr products
MAJR offers hundreds of standard connector gaskets for the most common connectors including Mil-38999 and Mil 5015, 3102 and D-subminiature. EMI/RFI Shielding Connector Gasket — Figure 1. Figure 1 shows an outline drawing of the typical connector gasket. EMI/RFI Mounting Flange Gaskets for Connectors — Table 1

 connector gaskets - emi gasketing with pressure seal
Parker Chomerics connector gaskets are die-cut from premium sheet materials to provide effective EMI shielding and pressure sealing in standard and custom connector applications. ... METALASTIC Gasket Specifications: • Consist of aluminum mesh in silicone or neoprene elastomer • Ideal for applications where space is limited

 connector gaskets die-cut emi gasketing with pressure seal
Connector Gaskets Die-Cut EMI Gasketing with Pressure Seal Materials and Construction Gaskets are cut from the materials listed below, in sizes ranging from 0.688 in. (17.48 mm) to 3.25 in. (82.55 mm) square to fit connector shell sizes 6 to 48. Fastener holes are provided at each corner for mounting (slots in silicone-filled METALASTIC gaskets ...

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