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 what is conductive foam? - greenteck | pcb a
Cushion grade conductive foam is designed to package something like a circuit board or hard disk drive. Conductive foam should be used when it's properties as a faraday cage and conductor are needed (e.g. shunting a component to ground). It has a surface resistance of 10^4 Ohms or less. It is the most expensive type of ESD foam.

 conductive foam | mtc
Characteristics of conductive foam It can be used in a temperature range from -50°C to +100°C and feature excellent shielding effectiveness in the high frequency range. Conductive foam seals have improved Z-axis conductivity which means that their shielding properties can be increased to over 90 within a wide frequency range.

 electrically high density esd conductive foam | packing material
Material: Black conductive Polyethylene (PE) foam / also anti static foam types. Characteristic: Rigid, Closed cells, carbon loaded,waterproof, shock proof , eco-friendly. Foam surface resistance: ≤ 10^6 Ω. Thickness : ≥ 0.5mm. Max width:1200mm width. Length:can be as requests. Density : 40kg /m3 to 125kg/m3.

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 electrically conductive foam, condux plus, for shielding, grounding and ...
Air gaps in assemblies or between features may exist due to manufacturing tolerances or thermal warping; conductive foams can be used to fills these spaces and electrically couple surfaces. Using a conductive foam to fill gaps provides EMI sheilding, dust sealing and forms a protective environment for susceptible electronics.

 conductive foam - euro technologies
Available in a wide range of thickness and in both UL94 HB and V0 fire rated versions, our conductive foam can be supplied with or without electrically conductive adhesive. Our conductive foam is UL94 HB and/or V0 compliant. Maximum size available: 1.37 meter wide reels. ASK FOR INFORMATION PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS CUSTOMIZATIONS CERTIFICATIONS

 conductive foam - esd products
Conductive Foam Call for Price Conductive Foam in both Pin Insertion and Cushioning Grades LD50CN High Density Closed Cell Cross-linked Conductive Polyethylene, EV45CN (EVA Copolymer Conductive) Foams: * are inert and lightweight * are tough, flexible and resilient * are highly energy absorbent * are easily fabricated using well known techniques

 electrically conductive foam - holland shielding systems b.v.
Conductive foam is fire retardant as well as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. Characteristics: Available in thicknesses of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.2, 3.0, 3.4 and 5 mm Several layers can be joined together for thickness, on request Excellent electric conductivity throughout the material Excellent electromagnetic shielding effect

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