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 what is conductive foam? - sinkeryfoam
Conductive foam is similar to standard packaging foams but with one crucial difference – the addition of carbon to the polymer mix during the manufacturing process to provide a high level of conductivity. This allows any electric current to pass through the cell structure of the foam and away from the component. Generally, the foam will have permanent conductive performance, meaning it is

 conductive foam | schlegel electronic materials, inc.
Conductive Foam material is ideal for applications that require conformity with excellent cavity-to-cavity EMI shielding, superior conductivity at low compression forces and better effectiveness at very high frequencies. EMI foam-based gaskets are precision die-cut with either conductive or non- conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA).

 conductive foam - temas
conductive foam - temas Conductive foam is a polyethylene foam filled with carbon (as other black anti static foam), makes it be permanently conductive properties, with surface resistance and volume resistance of fewer than 10^6,Which offers a quicker transfer of any static charge to a grounding source or adjacent conductive material.

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 conductive foam | mcmaster-carr
Conductive foam safely diverts static charges away from parts, and does not generate static electricity. Containing carbon, it keeps its conductive properties, so it’s reusable and good for long-term storing applications.

 electrically high density esd conductive foam | packing ...
What is the conductive foam Conductive foam is made of polyethylene foam mixed with conductive carbon and other padding during production process,which provide a high level and long-term conductivity The maximum application temperature is between -30 and 80 degrees Celsius. it is eco-friendly, safe and ideal packing foam material. And it’s surface resistance is fewer than 10^6 ohms/cms ...

 conductive foam - esd products
Conductive Foam in both Pin Insertion and Cushioning Grades. LD50CN High Density Closed Cell Cross-linked Conductive Polyethylene, EV45CN (EVA Copolymer Conductive) Foams: * are inert and lightweight * are tough, flexible and resilient * are highly energy absorbent * are easily fabricated using well known techniques

 conductive foam - euro technologies
Conductive foam. Euro Technologies has developed a new line of conductive foam gaskes that offers an innovative alternative to traditional EMI/RFI shielding and grounding products by providing conductivity along the X,Y and Z-axes. It is ideal in non-dynamic applications such as INPUT/OUTPUT (I/O) and other standard connector configurations ...

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